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SALGRA ARK : An ark or shelter  principally made of  salt, algae & graphene aims to provide an epitomic shelter solution for the south east coastal regions of india for the year 2122.


100 years from now the world will be subjected to lot of unprecedented changes: environmentally, economically, demographically, scientifcally ,socially & politically. there will be an increased activity of global warming, sea level raise, poor air quality, resource scarcity, epidemic outbreaks, high carbon foot print and added to all these is the dominance of articfical intelligence which will render most of the humans insignificant & make few of them super humans making room for not just a wider economic inequality, but also biological inequality. on the flip side, a lot of pardigmic shifts in technology & human ingenuity will be responsible in enhancing of our lifestyle.


Salt being an abudant resource can be locally sourced from the sea, with the shortage of arable land and to cater food for the ever growing population, aquaculture or aqua farming will be a major means of producing food & hence algae could be sourced locally from it. graphene has been dubbed the material of the future for its unbelievable strength and the myriad of potential applications it offers, with lot of scientific brekathroughs happening around with this material & being 200 time stronger than steel, it could be a major material in construction industry. by employing then state of the art construction & manufacturing techniques, these materials can be easily built into a system and replicated with ease.


Considering all these,our design solution is a combination of  key startegies : urban flexibility : ability to be accomodated in any built configuration, spatial flexibility : reconfigurable spaces to suit the needs and enrich the psychological landscape of users. sustainability : lcoally driven resources , reuse & recycle, user interactive : responsive spaces to human needs & emotions, resilience : responsive structure & smart bio-materials , microbial resistance, energy efficiency : self reliance. these strategies combined will help to deliver a holistic design solution named : “salgra ark”.

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